Halibut Fishing

Alaska halibut fishing Homer

Alaska halibut fishing Homer is a bucket list experience for both local and visiting anglers. It is one of the most popular fish experienced Alaskan anglers and visitors to Alaska like to target. Halibut is a mild, firm white fish that is particularly delicious and a lot of fun to catch. Landing a famous Alaska halibut begins with these flatfish checking out your bait and inhaling it while they set themselves on the hook. Then you feel that continuous pull against the rod while you slowly turn the reel. Halibut are heavy and deep in the ocean and quite an arm workout to reel in, but the rewarding experience is well worth the effort.

Halibut are bottom feeding fish that can grow to enormous sizes to over 8 feet in length and over 500 pounds! They are flat fish and both of their eyes are on the upper, dark side and their bellies are white. The largest halibut are called “barn doors”, and the smaller ones, “chickens”.

For all of our fishing trips, you will need to purchase a fishing license. A license can be purchased online at Alaska Department of Fish and Game or at most sporting goods stores around Alaska. Alaska halibut fishing Homer is always a good day, but even on warm days, the ocean can be breezy. Be prepared with warm layers of clothing and light rain gear. We offer full or half day charters and are excited to take you halibut fishing!

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Current Regulations in Homer:

  • Halibut: 2 fish daily bag limit: one fish of any size per day and one fish that is no more than 28 inches in length
    • Closures: Wednesdays are closed to halibut fishing.
  • King salmon: 20 inches or longer: 1 per day, 1 in possession January 1-June 30.
  • Other salmon: 6 per day, 6 in possession, only 3 per day, 3 in possession may be coho salmon.
  • Rockfish: (Active Emergency Order) 3 per day 6 in possession, of which only 1 per day, 2 in possession can be non pelagic.
Alaska halibut fishing Homer