Blacktail Deer Hunt

This is an 8-Day, 7-Night vessel based, self-guided deer hunt offered from October through December each year. Charter the MV Spirit to head to the southern end of Kodiak Island. We cruise your party from bay to bay while you enjoy hunting, relaxing and some fishing.

Alaska deer hunt

Deer Hunt Prices:

$28,500.00 for the whole boat of up to 6 hunters, plus a possible fuel charge added.

Each trip includes 8-days, 7-nights. The season is from the October 1 – December 31 annually. This is a do-it-yourself, unguided hunt. We provide the transporter / lodging accommodations. We cannot provide guiding, fielding dressing or any assistance in harvesting or processing your game.

Alaska deer hunt in Kodiak.

This is a vessel-based hunt on the extreme southern end of the island of Kodiak. The area is some of the most productive grounds for hunting blacktail in the state. Most blacktail deer range from 80- to 120 pounds, but in Kodiak they can reach trophy size. Hunters have access to Sitka blacktail deer, a variety of sea ducks and three types of fox (red, silver and cross). Hunters even have the opportunity to drop a line for a halibut or two.

We make your DIY Alaska Sitka blacktail deer hunt one made in comfort. You’ll live aboard the MV Spirit, a 65’ yacht with many amenities. Three staterooms house two hunters each on bunks and each private room has a thermostat for individual heat control. A spacious dining and leisure area provides tables, a flat screen TV and plenty of elbow room. Three restrooms, a shower, a game locker, water-maker and drying room for wet gear make this vessel perfect for a warm and comfortable Alaska deer hunt.

Alaska Deer Hunting Logistics

This deer hunting trip package begins and ends on a Saturday. You will arrive in Kodiak via Alaska Airlines the Friday before the hunt and book a room in Kodiak for the night.  There are several hotels in town. The Comfort Inn is located right next to the airport as well the air charter service you’ll fly with. Once in Kodiak you will need to contact Island Air Service. Island Air will already have the name of your party. The air charter will be prepaid and is included in the cost of your hunt. Their service will pick up your party for the first flight out Saturday morning and you will be flown directly to the boat on the south end of the island to begin your Alaska deer hunt.

For the rest of the week it’s nothing but hunting, relaxing, some fishing, and enjoying everything a hunt like this has to offer.  Normally the hunting is wrapped up by Friday afternoon when we head to Alitak. Alitak has a cannery where we tie up for the night giving you a chance to bone out your meat, and pack up your gear for the flight out the following morning. Weather can always play a factor in your hunt.  There can be flight delays both inbound and outbound.  There is a satellite phone on the boat for emergency calls.

Bag and Possession Limits

Outside of the Kodiak road system, the 2023 bag limit from October 1-December 31 is any three deer total. Contact us to for more information about your Alaska deer hunt.

Benefits of the MV Spirit, not found on other vessels:

Watermaker: No hauling water and no water restrictions.

Restrooms: 3 restrooms and a shower.  No waiting to go and you are able to stay clean and comfortable on your Alaska deer hunt.

Staterooms: The Spirit has three staterooms with bunks for two hunters in each stateroom.  Along with privacy you have the ability to control your own heat.  It is usually best to keep a door cracked open for air circulation.

Meat/Game Locker:  The Spirit has a cool, dry, well ventilated, locker to properly hang and care for your meat.  This locker can hold up to 24 deer at a time.

Covered Deck:  The Spirit has a large covered and lit deck to work on your game.  This can be especially important for your comfort, as it tends to rain a bit.

Drying Room:  We have a separate room for drying your wet gear.  No more stepping on your buddies wet socks.

Freezer Space: An onboard chest freezer gives you room for some capes as well as ducks for mounting.

Spacious dining and leisure area:  This 65′ yacht was designed to take 56 passengers at a time. 6 hunters practically get lost in the large salon area with 4 different tables and a flat screen TV for watching movies on down time.  Plenty of elbow room here.

Alaska deer hunt